Muji Harsini (Assoc. Prof)

Chemo- and Bio-sensors

Miratul Khasanah (Assoc. Prof)

Chemo-sensors and Electroanalysis

Ganden S. (Assist. Prof)

Photometrical Bio-sensor and Waste Treatment

Ni Nyoman T.P. (Prof)

Proteomic and Genomic Analysis of Liganocellulose Enzymes

Afaf Baktir (Prof)

Enzymatic-based Biosensor

Sri Sumarsih (Assoc. Prof)

Enzyme-based Treatment for Organic Waste

Purkan (Assoc. Prof)

DNA Recombinant for Tropical Diseases

Ali Rohman (Assist. Prof)

Enzymatic modelling

Hery Suwito (Assoc. Prof)

Design of Bioactive Compounds

Nanik S Aminah (Assoc. Prof)

Antioxidant Activity of Phenolic Compounds

Pratiwi P. (Assoc. Prof)

Alkaloid Isolation and biopolymer modification

Tjijik S.T. (Assoc. Prof)

Organic Synthesis

Alfinda N.K. (Assoc Prof)

Natural Products and Secondary Metabolite

Mulyadi Tanjung (Assoc. Prof)

Chemistry of Natural Products

Hartati (Assoc Prof)

Synthesis of Solid State Catalyst

Satya Candra W.S. (Assist Prof)

Magnetic material for waste treatment

Faidur Rochman (Assoc. Prof)

Computational Chemistry

Abdulloh (Asisst. Prof)

Synthesis of Catalyst

Mochamad Z.F. (Assist Prof)

Medical-purposed Nanochemistry

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